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At Playcation we know that In their early years, children explore the world around them by using all their senses (touching, tasting, listening, smelling, and looking).  We offer educational and play based activities with Registered Early Childhood Educators and Assistants. Our curriculum  is guided by the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) with a creative and fun twist. 

  • Art Attack
    Children will embark on an exciting hands-on exploration of a variety of artistic mediums, themes, and styles including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and clay play. Using their imaginations, this program is both child and teacher directed, and will help develop and utilize their fine motor skills, social skills and self-expression.
  • Build Baby Build
    This program is for the future construction builders and architects! Children aged will embark on an exciting hands-on exploration of large and small structure building using a variety of both natural and synthetic materials. Children will develop and utilize their social skills through teamwork, as well as fine motor and gross motor skills through lego and puzzle building, log stacking, creating wooden block structures, sensory play and much more
  • Playcation Vacation
    Children will hop on the Playcation Airline to discover a new destination from around the world! Exploring through play the different histories, traditions, art forms and languages of different countries and cultures. Through a variety of group activities, children will develop their social, fine motor, gross motor, language, and cognitive skills. Creating their own passports, children will get a stamp for each activity completed. Such as paper mache, relay racing, scavenger hunts, sensory play, and much more.
  • Culture Cook
    For the mini chefs and food lovers aged who want to heighten their 5 senses and expand their palettes through preparing and tasting new and exciting cuisines! The Culture Cook program is a hands-on cooking experience that specializes in multiculturalism through the education of different cultural cuisines. Focusing on food education and etiquette as well as developing their fine motor skills through tool use, our mini chefs will prepare delicious foods and snacks, that will spark a new passion for the culinary arts.
  • Exploration Declaration

    Ever wonder what’s in outer space, what a star is made of, or the name of all 8 planets? Come and explore with us! This exciting program will expose your child to the wonders of outer space, such as the solar system, gravity, constellations, the sun & moon, as well as space science and technology. Your children will participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations that promote cognitive learning, social development, and aims to fuel your child’s imagination to explore the universe.

  • Painters Paradise
    For the mini Picassos and Basquiat’s, Children will use their imaginations and fine motor skills to create their own masterpieces through a variety of paint methods. Children will explore colour mixing, and the use of different types of paint, as well as the exploration of a variety of paint techniques such as finger painting, spray painting, splatter painting, and paint stamping, using a variety of materials for different outcomes.
  • Animal Kingdom
    This program is for nature’s true animal lovers! Children will explore many different animal species from birds, reptiles, and felines, to bears, wolves, deer and moose! There will be talks about dogs, there will be talks about frogs…wait is a frog an animal? You’ll find out! In this hands-on program, children will learn all there needs to know about where animals live, what they eat, and tons of fun animal facts to share with everyone.
  • Yoga Zen n’ Bend Relax your mind and strengthen your body. This program is for the mini yogis who really love to bend, and is an ideal way for your children to increase coordination, strengthen muscles, maintain flexibility and find their inner peace. With the focus on healthy minds and bodies, this program teaches children about how to be healthy through eating nutritious foods, staying physically active and being mindful of others and the space around them–All while having tons of fun! 
  • Zumba BabyZumba, baby! This is an up beat, high energy class where young children will have the opportunity to express themselves in a non-competitive, active movement environment. Imagination and creativity take centre stage in our Zumba program, where children will improve their gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles and stimulate their bone growth, along with learning what it means to have a “healthy lifestyle”. Now, Let’s Zumba!
  • Ballet
    This program will teach children how to coordinate movement starting with the basics of this classical dance form, as well as develop their gross motor skills, improve their listening skills and instill discipline. Across the floor, centre work, and partnering are all elements that will be explored in a welcoming, playful environment.
  • Jazz

    Vibrant and uplifting, Jazz is a great way to get moving and have fun! Music being an integral part of Jazz dance, this class helps develop musicality and rhythm. Children will learn to pick up steps and retain instruction. They are encouraged to let their personality inform their movement.

  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop is one of the most popular and fun styles of dance to learn and perform. With the famous popping and locking technique dancers will learn the basic fundamentals which are broken down into basic steps for a dancer to show case their individuality and personality.  Throughout the session the dancers will work on performance skills such as stage presence, acting, and improvisation which are taught throughout this program.
  • Contemporary
    Drawing from elements of ballet, contemporary dance encourages each child to be unique and express themselves. Collaboration, spatial awareness, and creation are all core elements of the dance form. Embracing that each child learns differently, it is an interactive and inclusive approach to movement.
  • Striking
    Focus on different stances, foot work, punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing techniques from the varying martial arts of Muay Thai, Boxing and Karate. Emphasis on structure, foundation and discipline will be important to instill creativity and development of their own style. Most importantly those skills will transfer into real life and athletics. Physical activity will be a big part of this program.
  • Grappling
    Focus on takedown techniques, and grappling used in various martial arts such as Wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Focusing on fundamental skills that will help children develop athletic skills. By using leverage and proper body mechanics, a smaller individual can out grapple a bigger opponent. Like a chess game the players must use their mind/thinking skills as much as their physical body. Physical activity will be a big part of this program.
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
    Mixed Martial arts as the name suggests is a mix of striking and grapple martial arts. Various striking and grappling techniques will be combined to develop the individual into a disciplined mixed martial artist.  Basics and foundation skills will always be emphasized for every class.  Physical activity will be a big part of this program

Preschool Program

Playcation offers Preschool Monday–Friday from 9:30am-12:30am that helps develop your child’s artistic, sensory and academic skills through play. Unlike most childcare facilities, we offer an intimate teaching and childcare curriculum to ensure that children receive the attention they need. Children registered in the Preschool Program will also take part in specialized programming from qualified fitness and dance instructors throughout the week.

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Practice makes Perfect.

Revision is apart of the Mission! join us for our weekly tutoring sessions in all the academic courses led by professionals who are experts in the field. Bring your homework or use the curriculum provided.

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Before and After Care

     Unavailable until September 2019

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